Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wild Idaho Huckleberry Jam-Filled Muffin Mix

Dorothy's Wild Huckleberry Jam-Filled Muffin Mix, from Boise, Idaho, is a fabulous idea.  Dorothy's has made muffin-making easy, scrumptious, and quick.  And she did it by filling it with jam.  Grandma Irma and My Little Daddy sent me a stocking full of goodies, (including Rosetta Stone Espanol Levels 1 through 5, how do you say "jam" in Spanish?) and the muffin mix was inside.  Yippee!
I still drink large glasses of milk with breakfast.  Sometimes at restaurants.  I actually got asked once, "What *are* you, 12?"
Making huckleberry jam is on my agenda for next Summer when they are in season.  Huckleberries grow all over Idaho, and it is the Official State Fruit.  Yes, my friends, it is.  What is a huckleberry?  A wild blueberry.  That's it.  But...the huckleberries in Idaho are very special.  They are sweeter and smaller than your average blueberry, and they have never been successfully commercially grown.  They rely on snowcover to protect their growth cycle, and grow as high as 11,000 feet.  Sadly, when hopeful, greedy horticulturalists try to transplant the bushes, they die.  Every time.  It's just another way of Idaho saying, "Come, visit, fall in love...and then kindly leave.  Please."
If you'd like to try Dorothy's Wild Huckleberry Jam-Filled Muffin Mix, click here to buy:  They also have a website, but I didn't find the Muffin Mix on their actual website.  You can probably google it and find it no problem. can probably try this yourself with your flavor of choice, right?  I'm going to.  xo, AB
BTW, it doesn't say on the packaging, but the 12 oz. bag only makes 6 muffins.  6 perfect muffins.

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  1. Nice!I never knew any of that about huckleberries Lol!