Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mandarin Jelly Recipe

In my previous post on mandarin orangecello, I referred back to my post on my SIL TJ's orange jelly. What I love about orangecello/liqueur recipes (as well as marmalades) is that no part of the fruit gets wasted.
For this sparkly, scrumptious jelly, I used the orange jelly recipe, but with the mandarin oranges I peeled for orangecello as opposed to navel oranges, and also with a variation in the methods.  There are usually more than a couple ways to come up with the same or similar jelly, and I wanted to show that you can use the entire fruit when working with citrus. 
After peeling the Satsuma Mandarins for the orangecello, I created the juice for the jelly with the flesh.  First, since the peel was already removed, the easiest and least messy way of juicing the oranges was to puree in the blender.
Next, I used a strainer to filter the juice from the membrane and pith.
And for an even clearer and more beautiful jelly, I strained again using cheesecloth over the strainer.
From here, use THIS RECIPE to create this:
This made 6 half pints or 3 pints.  Delicious!  Note:  About half of the mandarins I used were slightly overripe.  This made the jelly extremely flavorful.  xo, AB

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