Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pickled Jalapenos (aka Escabeche)!

Yum, yum, yum!  I am over the moon excited to eat more of this.  On Tuesday, I received another produce shipment, and for the first time, I felt a little overwhelmed about how to go about eating it all.  This tiny little box seemed to be like a clown car, I'd pull something out and it was still full.  I still have the 2 heads of garlic from a few weeks ago, carrots, an onion, greens, can eat only so many salads.  I started searching for recipes.  Most of my produce won't be canned, but I thought I could find a recipe or two that would allow me to use a large chunk of it so it won't go to waste. 

I came across this recipe on and I just had to make it.  Grandma Irma always had a jar of escabeche in our fridge; she would eat the veggies straight out of the jar, or put it in a tortilla with refried beans.  I never quite paid attention to it myself, but I should have.  This recipe turned out great, and since one jar didn't seal in the water bath, I already opened it and sampled. It's delicious!  You can see I used White Pearl Onions, and I went against the recipe and I did peel the garlic.  This decision was purely for aesthetics, but after reading the comments under the recipe, I'll make the next batch without peeling.  Any creative suggestions on how to eat escabeche?  xo, AB


  1. I remember this - she bought it though and it seems like there was cauliflower in it- this looks really good! And yes she ate it right out of the jar!

  2. Yep straight from the jar, with burritos or tacos of all kinds, and pretty much on anything that could use a little kick. I usually eat all the carrots first then realize I have to eat the jalapenos and onions before I can open anymore.

  3. The carrots are the best! Bobo said the same thing. Thanks for reading. BTW, I used LA tap water to make this, I'm going to send you a jar! LOL, just teasing, love you all. xo, AB