Monday, December 26, 2011

California Cutie Marmalade (Clementine Marmalade)

Every year, I look forward to Cuties coming in-season.  I love eating them as snacks; I buy a whole box and eat them whenever I feel like it.  They keep well for a couple weeks or more, and they peel very easily.  I thought they would make some amazing marmalade, and after having success with a couple different kinds of lemon marmalade earlier this year, I couldn't wait to try it.  I used a recipe from Mes Confitures, about as straightforward of a recipe I've seen in this book.  As I was cooking the mixture, I tasted it, wasn't in love with it...added a bit of cinnamon, it tasted better for sure. 

This marmalade turned out beautiful, rather thick for my taste, however, and I just am not in love with it.  Is it the marmalade itself I don't like?  The recipe?  I'm not sure.  In this recipe, you keep the entire peel, so that could be it.  I bought two boxes of clementines, so I may try another marmalade recipe...or, I may just enjoy as is, like the perfect little natural candy they are. xo, AB

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