Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pacific Coast Black Plum Jam

I think I may have a problem.  Hardly anybody is reading this blog, and yet, this is my 4th post in 4 days.

Riding on the wave of excitement I felt from receiving my water bath, I finally put to use some amazing black plums I bought a couple weeks ago by turning them into even more amazing jam. 

I bought them at a road-side stand on the 152 Freeway on my way to San Jose for a work trip...and when I got home and my water bath and other supplies hadn't yet been delivered, my only option was to chop and freeze the plums (I also froze apricots, pluots, and what I *think* are soursops but have no idea) or they would've gone bad.  With plums, one of my favorite things is slicing into them and being surprised by the color of the flesh.  These were beauties!

Happy Little Hearts
Freezing is always an option if you buy too much fruit, or for some reason don't have time to eat or cook your fruit, or just want fresh-frozen fruit for pies or other goodies in the middle of Winter. 

I decided not to leave anything up to chance with this batch--with each endeavor I hold my breath to see if the jam sets--so I used the recipe that comes on the insert of the pectin box (I used Sure-Jell this time)...however, I did cut down on the sugar again.  8 cups just seems like so much, the fruit is so sweet already.  I used 7...God forbid my jam won't last in the jar, that would be sad. The amazing color starts to pop as it's boiling; I took this picture right at the peak of boiling, before I funneled the jam into the jars:
The # of cups this is supposed to make is largely reduced by how many spoonfuls I taste before jarring.
I woke up this morning to gorgeous, perfectly-set Pacific Coast Black Plum Jam!


  1. This looks really yummy! Should make nice presents- hint-hint :)!

  2. Those are some neat-looking plums! Love the name ;)

  3. My Business & Marketing Coordinator came up with the name, BarrieAnn! And yes, this is a batch that is sure to be packaged as small gifts, Regan. :-)