Saturday, September 24, 2011

The First Day of Autumn

I invited a few people over last night for the First Day of Autumn.  This was my ruse for getting my unsuspecting friends to taste-test my creations - *palms rubbing together + evil laugh* - and give me some honest feedback.  Ok, well not really.  I only invited the nicest of the nice so that they would then say nice things about what I made in a very nice way even if they didn't really like it.  I'm not ready for honest feedback.

I absolutely love Autumn, and not because it's my name.  The days are still hot, with cool nights and crisp mornings.  The tourists have left the beach, making way for a few extra parking spaces and lots of free sand.  In California, we have the luxury of a longer season for many Summer fruits, and the Fall fruits are also ready to be picked.  The air smells cleaner, and I have an excuse to wear boots!

Fall in Hermosa Beach - kinda looks like Summer!

I created a menu of comfort foods that I love and love to make, and that I could complement with a few of my jams and jellies.  4-bean chili, country-style baked mac-n-cheese, Fall veggie stew, crescent roll brie wrap with apricot jam (needs improvement, which is why it isn't pictured), pumpkin oatmeal cookies (dipped in vanilla ice cream, drizzled with warmed pluot jam), & dinner crackers smeared with cream cheese with a dollop of either banana pepper jelly or jalapeno jelly.

Cracker dressed in soft cream cheese and Grandma Irma's Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

Homemade Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookie, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Warmed Pluot Jam

I discovered a few things last night.  1)  I have some amazing friends, albeit only 4 of them.  2)  Any given bank robber is only 2 degrees of separation away (insert laughter here, trust me), and 3)  I love making jam and sharing it with others so much, this blog isn't going away!

Gorgeous Pluot Jam - Love the color!

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  1. It all sounds yummy and I love Autumn too - the season and the sister!