Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beer Me!

So, I've discovered that you can make jelly out of just about anything - wine, beer, fruit juice, coconut milk, whatever you want - if you have pectin or a pectin source (green apples) and sugar.  This savory, gelatinous spread to the left here is made out of beer.  Yes, BEER.  Adapted from a recipe in the charming tome on jams and jellies, Christine Ferber's Mes Confitures, I made this with Deschutes Brewery Black Butte Porter, cinammon, and cardamom.

Black Butte Porter has chocolate and nutty undertones, which is exactly why I chose it.  I cored, chopped, and cooked 2 pounds of Granny Smith Apples to create a juice for pectin; ran the apples through a sieve to get rid of the skin, then poured the juice/paste over a cheesecloth.  I'm getting much better at this!  Combine apple juice, beer, sugar, cinammon sticks, cardamom, and a little extra pectin for gel insurance, and brew-infused wafts of sweet steam filled my apartment.  The resulting jelly is a nutty, thinly-sweet & spicy mixture that tastes great with peanut butter.  I'm going to try roasting cubes of squash with the Porter Jelly as a sort of marinade, and I do believe this would be great with pork - either on pork chops, pulled pork BBQ, or ribs.  Beer jellies are on my list to keep trying and creating my own recipes.  It's simply delicious!  xo, AB


  1. super cool! I like the idea of using it as a marinade.

  2. Sounds delicious. Reading ur blog just makes me hungry though, autumn;-)

  3. Regan gave me a jar of the beer jelly. It is one of the greatest things I've ever tasted! I loved the persimmon jelly too! So good! :)

    1. Thank you! I'm thinking of trying again with a wheat beer, although the porter was perfect. What do you think?